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Circlin‘ Round a Sun


Spring has come and we just finished recording the songs for our second album. Again we decided "not to record tracks, but to make music", as Levon Helm, drummer of the legendary BAND once said. We set up all our instruments and amplifiers so we could record immediatly while we were playing together. That‘s the way the songs were done with the exception of a few horn parts and some vocals that were overdubbed.
We believe that music is perfect communication. Hardly anywhere you find people who really try to talk together, not trying to convince but empathize, sharing the will to create a common sense that is more an individual could ever archieve. And, to really make it, we need you, the ones who are listening. Hopefully you enjoy our music on the albums, tapes, and especially at our concerts. Thank you, We wouldn‘t be a band without you. Ju‘ll be always on our mind!

Special thanks to Hans-Hermann, Illa, Ralf, and the Taxim team.

Thanks again to our families for their patience and understanding, to our guitar doctor Helmut "Bunny" Stauder, Tommy "Special Guitars" Metz & Elke Holtschoppen, Master for offering his fantastic snare drum, Alexander Wilkowski for helping out with his "electronic" Leslie, our fellow-traveller Fiedhelm Beemers for never refusing a cup of coffee, last not least to Fips, our landlord‘s dog, for being a silent partner during the recording sessions, and especially to all the folks who come to our concerts over and over again. We know what we owe you!

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This CD is dedicated to everyone who is keeping alive the spirit and music of the Grateful Dead!


RELIX Vol. 26/ No. 1 / USA

You may recall that we wrote about a German band a while back called Schluff Jull. This 12-piece band is back with another extremely polished and accomplished CD, Circlin`Round A Sun ( Taxim). The level of musicianship is par excellence with the songs and vocals a close second. Ironically, these guys sound extremely American. Blues, jazz, progressive rock and psychedelic instrumental fills are imaginatively used to embellish the richly melodic song.

The eight-minute "The Well" is a real gem that has a wonderful extended coda with majestic guitar leads. Grateful Dead influences creep into a lot of songs, as do hints of Blood, Sweat and Tears and Blues Traveler. Other gems are "Castle On The Hill" and the infectious "It`s All Gone", both which have a slight Bruce Springsteen feel. The cut that sums up best the ensemble`s multiple talents, expansive sound and adeptness at arranging, though, is the magnificent "Between Green & Blue". The horn fills are special delight, and again, the song features some adventurous , yet melodic instrumental passages. This is truly quality music. The album is highly recommended and available in the U.S. from the Mercer Group, P.O. Box 2458. Toluca Lake, CA 91610. ( Call toll free 1-888-777-9228, local 818-754-1239, e-mail mercergrp@aol.com or check the band´s website at www.schluffjull.com )

Mick Skidmore

Bill Pannifer in EYES OF THE WORLD 9/98

Schluff Jull- Circlin Round a Sun (Taxim TX2044-2TA)

The second all-original CD from the Jull, who are becoming a fixture on the European Dead scene. However, this twelve-piece(!) band from Germany has been together for a decade and the songs, from a repertoire of sixty or so, sound like the fruit of much development on the road. The distinctive sound -- a five piece horn section, keyboards, lengthy guitar soloing and intense vocals -- frames ambitious all-English-language lyrics. Unlike the other Eurobands discussed in Eyes, this confident outfit plays almost entirely its own material.

Defining the Jull is a difficult task (as they no doubt intend). Superficial connections abound, though, probably to the detriment of what's really happening in the music. Try this for a lyrically compact Bob'n'Phil homage (!)

well any cup of coffee can be a twist of fate on any evening any day (Driftin Apart)

Lots of musical echoes too, from the Band (Levon Helm is namechecked) to Van Morrison and the Doors. Still, it must be said the one band the Jull don't resemble too much is the Dead! OK, the album is called Circling Round a Sun, there's a track called Magnolia, and a song called The Well has a Scarletish bounce to it [not surprising that they joined in to jam on that tune at this year's Feier]. But despite the commitment to improvisation, especially in Olaf's lead work, this is all quite tightly orchestrated, even when, as here, largely recorded live with minimal overdubbing. The horns especially are often used in a very arranged, structural way. Lyrical/vocal textures are strong, if sometimes melodramatic, and there are usually quite distinct gear changes between verses and "instrumental sections". Various electronic snippets and sound effects top-and-tail familiar forms. It's all here --blues, r'n'b, funk, a boulevard ballad complete with accordion. Most interesting track is perhaps the twelve minute Between Green and Blue, with its poignant and technically demanding vocal line giving way to a sustained instrumental buildup complete with oceanic sounds and some unusual percussion.
Broad strokes and familiar idioms much of the time, veering towards the middle-of-the-road, but also with much musical interest in the interplay of a dozen or so versatile and accomplished players. The Julls at full stretch in concert must be a varied and powerful experience.

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