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Some people may ask, what is the reason for a band to start off with a live album. The answer is quite simple. Schluff Jull has been playing live for ten years in small clubs, dives and bars. Any place they let us play. Playing live became part of our music. The songs grew on stage, listening to each other ,reacting spontaneously, keeping the songs free enough to play them in the mood of the very special moment. We wanted our first recording to sound the way the band really sounds. And we thought ,the best way to capture the spirit of our music was to do a live recording. We even went one step further. The songs on this CD are all from one show, directly mixed down, no chance of overdubs! What you hear is exactly what we played. But it all couldn´t have been done without our Producer Hans -Hermann, who had faith enough in us and our music to let us do it our way.

This CD is dedicated to our families and friends!

What the papers say

RELIX Vol. 24/ No.6 (Winter 97), Mick Skidmore

Relix Vol. 24/ No. 6 (Winter 97)Schluff Jull is an exciting, 13-piece German band whose members are big fans of the Grateful Dead and Phish. HEARTLINES (TAXIM) is an 11-cut live album recorded at Marienheim. It is an incredibly sophisticated effort that shows the band to be accomplished and inspired musicans. The group has a fast musical well that it draws from and, as a result, its sound is unique and eclectic.
Despite its European origins, the Jull has an overt American feel as it draws on psychedelia, West Coast rock, R&B and jazz. The vocals are also in English which helps make the album even more accessible. The band has a lineup that features two excellent guitarists (Heinz Wiskozil and Olaf Kalemba) and a six-piece horn section. As a result, it has a powerful sound. The ten-and-a-half minute "Heartlines" is a standout as is the funkier tones of "Ghostdance" and the explosive, nine-minute "Twin Dream,Song." The latter features some really scintillating guitar work which is punctuated by neat horn fills. The disc is available from the:
Mercer Group,
P.O. Box 2458,
Toluca Lake, CA 91610, 1-888-777-9228.

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