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A few notes about the songs

OlafI was asked to write a few notes about the songs on our first album Heartlines. Don´t expect too much. Whenever I write I have no plan. It just happens. I write songs. Songs are made to listen, and if you don´t understand the words, don´t worry, listen to the music .Music is a language everybody understands.

BIG CITY DREAMS. Some people are fascinated by big cities, whose promises often turn out wrong.Once I lived in one of those big cities , it gave me a hard time and a lot of disappointment. I´m not made for living in a city.

RIGHT AS RAIN. A short spot on someone wondrin´if he´ll ever get over an unfullfilled love.

TROUBLE.How could we live without dreams especially when we´re havin a hard time? But on the other hand if we only dream, do we really live? A circle game!

HEARTLINES. Heartbeat is the rhythm of life. Heartlines could be the ties that bind us. Even if we can´t see them , we may hear them. Listen and feel.

CLASSIC SWEAT POZE. What the blues ain´t is funny. But sometimes it´s ironic, because the truth beyond irony is often sad and this cover version of a Dirk Hamilton song proves it, while you´re singin´it, it becomes ironic in itself . That´s why we chose it.

PLAYIN`IN THE BAND. Our testimony: Leave this band - it means you lose your soul.

GHOSTDANCE. A common symbol for life is the road. On a lifelong journey we try to come to ourselves. But we never reach the aim, "I & I" like Dylan says , a ghostdance everybody does.

SHADOWS OF THE PAST.If love fails, you´re unable to explain why. Songs are letters, and like letters that aren´t sent away, they are an attempt to get clear in your mind. But the difference is: you play them again and again.

TWINS DREAM SONG. About friendship.A thousand times people disappoint you, still to find a friend I´d take the risk.

ON THE LAND. We love the place where we come from. If you learn to look carefully, you know what we´re singin`about.

THE NIGHT. My favourite time of writing. The night changes our point of view. While we lose our sight on the world outside, first we get afraid , but later our perception becomes more intense and so, as we look or listen, the other way - what´s inside - becomes more important. We get closer to ourselves. And just like that performing the song over the years has changed the band`s point of view, playin´ this long piece of music made us move closer together and find out what our music is all about.

Olaf , Spring 1996

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